Extension Fly Jibs


  • Fixed 2.5M Extension with additional 2Mtr telescopic section increasing lift to 4.5Mtr
  • 2.5Mtr, 3.5Mtr and 4.5Mtr Lifting Points
  • Single Piece HD Jibs available to Custom Spec
  • Galvanised or Painted option
  • All pickups/linkages are available
  • Plated SWL


  • Excavator Fly Jib Boom
  • Teleporter Fly jib Boom


  • 8T Telescropic lifting Jib
  • 13T Telescropic Jib Roof Truss
  • 20T Telescropic Lifting Jib
  • Teleporter Extension Jib Painted
  • Teleporter Extension Jib Galvanised
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